Privacy Policy

Collection and use of information.

As a customer of 12 Rosas, you can be assured that your privacy is protected.

Our website only collects and uses the information you provide us for internal use like for shipping the orders, inform you of promotions and news. Your information will not be shared with anyone, your privacy is the first.

When you place an order we mainly collect: full name, address (both payment and sent address if they are different), email and phone number. If you are sending a gift, also we will collect the name and address of the recipient (with same privacy).
This information only will be used for the purchase transaction to send goods to the address specified. The email and phone is used when is necessary a fast and direct contact.

When you submit a question to customer service, your e-mail address and relevant information will be collected to respond to your question.

Email may also can be used to send you mails with offers, news and update notifications. Anyway, if you don’t want to receive promotional e-mails you can unsubscribe from lists.

Our website uses payment gateway for collect the pays, we do not store credit card data.
Likewise, the payment gateway provider will know the amount and number of order, not goods because … why the hell banks need to know?

Problems and contact.

If you have any problems or queries you can contact us using our contact form or by email to

Don’t leave with doubt!!